Monday, January 26, 2009

Every Child Outside Everglades Exploration

What a week! We have a wonderful new president, a time of forward change and hope. It was such an historical week - an important time for our children to learn and to be aware of the happenings in the world. Our homeschoolers were not behind in their duties as young Americans and life-learners. While out in the middle of the Shark River Slough in the Everglades, we watched Barrack Obama become our president!
We stood around a black and white, battery operated, radio television (thankfully brought by Zainab) watching, while a group of tourists joined us. In the background, the alligators were thermo-regulating (getting warm), the birds were hunting or frolicking, and the tourists were snapping photos.

Inaguration Day - Tuesday - was the first of three days visiting The Everglades National Park ( ) and Big Cypress National Preserve ( with ECO - Every Child Outside, Nature Classes.
The next two blog entries are about our explorations at both the slough and the Cypress swamp.

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